{Free Printable} Weekly Habit Tracker

Free Printable Habit Tracker

 Create new healthy habits  aligned with your best self, and easily track your progress with my Free Printable Weekly Habit Tacker!

Hey there friends! If you have found this page, odds are you are looking for a simple way to create, track and master healthy habits. It’s true, since the start of the pandemic, there has been a mass amount of women looking to better themselves and really live their best lives. To stop making excuses and step into the women you know you can be. 

"Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits."

But lets be honest for a moment. creating new habits and routines are hard work. You are basically rewiring your brain to think and act differently. It’s not impossible, but it does require consistency and determination. For this reason, I am sharing my weekly habit tracker printable with you today. I want you to succeed!

Free Printable Habit Tracker

How To Build Habits That Stick!

  • Stick with it! According to the experts, it takes about 21 days to break or form a habit pattern of medium complexity.
  • Make a firm decision. For example, if you decide to get up early and exercise every morning, when your alarm goes off, immediately get up, put on your exercise clothes and start your workout.
  • DO NOT make excuses or rationalizations. 
  • Visualize Your New Habit. The more you visualize yourself acting as if you already had the new habit, the faster your subconscious will accept this new habit as normal behavior.
  •  Give yourself a reward for consistently practicing this new habit. 

About The Free Printable Weekly Habit Tracker...

The pretty habit tracker printable is A4 size but can be printed on 8.5 x 11″ paper. or A5. For instructions to print A5 size, please click here.

Set your intention for the week with the affirmation you will repeat daily. Keep yourself motivated by recording your wins and remembering why you started! This printable habit tracker is the perfect accountability planner!

Stick your weekly habit tracker on a clipboard at your desk, in your binder or on your fridge to fill in daily! 

Free Printable Habit Tracker

How to use this free printable weekly habit tracker

  1. Download the PDF file.
  2. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  3. Go to File – Print. In the print settings window, choose “Fit” under Page sizes and handling.
  4. Print as many copies as you need on regular office paper. 
  5. Place it in your clipboard and ‘voila’, you are all set to go!

Please note that all downloadable files on my site are for personal use only, and may not be sold, altered, distributed or copied. You are welcome to feature my photos in your own article, with a link back to my post. Thanks! 

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Free Printable Habit Tracker
Free Printable Habit Tracker

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